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Music played by Fred Bos Running Scared (21-01-2016) Fred is playing a beautifull Roy Orbison number
Own pictures of the Shadows It's over (28-11-2015) A number from “The Big O”
One day in your life (07-11-2015) This time a beautifull ballad from Michael Jackson with the title “One day in tyour Life”.
Video clips from Fred
Photos about Fred
Wishfull Thinking (03-07-2015) Fred plays a number from the group “China Chrisis”.
Rain and Tears (10-03-2015) Fred goes Greece. He is playing a number from Aphrodite's Child.
Night Train (13-01-2015) This time a up-tempo number from Fred called “Night Train”.
You will be forever (15-10-2014) This time not a famous number written by Kevin Romang; Title “You will be forever”.
Turn back the Clock (01-10-2014) Fred goes modern; this timne a number from “Johnny hates Jazz”. 
One moment in Time (12-07-2014) This time Fred plays a number from Whitney Housten and The Shadows had played this too.
  I’ll be over You (14-05-2014) This time Fred plays a number from the Group Toto, namely “I’ll be over You”.
  Theme for something really Important (02-04-2014) ’Fred plays this time a number from the first bassist of The Shadows, Jett Harris
  Missisippi (17-02-2014) This time Fred plays a number from  the Dutch group “Pussycat”.
  My Happiness (20-12-2013) This time Fred plays a number from Connie Francis
  Walking in the Air (21-11-2013) Fred playes the only Christmas-recording from The Shadows
  Winter Sonata (06-11-2013) This time Fred had played a number which is also use in a Korean TV-serie
Unchained Melody (25-09-2013) This time a number from “The Righteous Brothers”
Misty (23-08-2013) We approaching the Autumn and thats why Fred choose this number from Erroll Garner called “Misty”
In a Persian Market (24-07-2013) This number is wrote 100 years ago, but its still going strong
Love is Blue (16-06-2013) Fred goes on French ways. He’s playing a number from Paul Mauriat called “Love is Blue”.
True Love Ways (22-05-13) A beautiful  number from Buddy Holly and Peter and Gordon now brought to you by Fred on Guitar.
Daddy's Home (26-04-13) A song from Sir Cliff Richard, but also sung by Jermaine Jackson.
Wonderland by Night (26-03-13) This time Fred plays a number from Bert Kaempfert.
Born Free (15-02-13) Fred plays Born Free  which was originally sung by Andy Williams and Matt Monroe.
Tchaikovsky (20-01-13) Bos goes Classic; The number is from Tchaikovsky and i ts called “1st Piano Concerto”
Sailor (11-12-12) Fred plays a number from one Lolita from Austria. The Engelish version came from Petula Clark.
Stranger on the Shore (16-11-12) This was original a clarinetnumber from Mr.Acker Bilk
Il Silenzio (18-10-12) Fred has the trompetnummer "ll Silenzio"from Nini Rosso played on the Guitar
How do i love thee (23-09-12) This time Fred plays a Shadowsnumer. The number is Fred,s participation to a CD with 18 other Guitarists in Holland
High Noon (20-08-12) Fred plays High Noon form the Movie with the same name. For this numer he used and looked for a new sound.
Lonesome Moonride (24-07-12) Fred goes Swedish; He plays a number from that band
I'm so hurt (21-06-12) This time Fred plays a number from Timi Yuro
Stay with me till the morning (25-05-12) Fred goes Classic. Mozart did composed this numnber and Vicki Brown has sung it.
What a wonderfull world (19-04-12) This time Fred played a beautifull number from Louis Armstrong
I dreamed there was no war (23-03-12) Fred did a classic one from The Eagles
Buddy Holly Medley (18-02-12) Fred plays a Buddy Holly Medley and specily the speed of the 2nd number gave him some troublle
Are you lonesome tonight (14-01-12) Fred plays a beautifull number from "The King".
Morgen (23-12-11) Freds playing a German song sang by one Ivo Robic, the English version of this song was done by Petula Clark with the titlle "One more Sunrise".
La Paloma (28-11-11) Fred plays La Paloma, the titlle Elvis Presley used was  "No More".
Stand by your man (08-11-11) This time a C&W-number from Fred. It is a beautifull song from Tammy Wynette called  "Stand by your Man".
Here i stand (07-10-11) From one of the founders of The Shadows Fred plays his number "Here I Stand".
The High and the Mighty (18-09-11) This is Fred's contribution for a CD which are made with 16 other Dutch Shadows-Guitarists
You belong to me (05-09-11) The numer Fred is playing is sung amongst others by Bob Dylan, Lifehouse and from Patsy Cline
Theme from Belle e Sebastian (22-08-11) Fred plays the tune from a TV-series "Belle e Sebastian".
Come prima (06-08-11) Fred goes Italian this time. He changed the tabs he was given
Time to say goodbye (14-07-11) Fred had 10 broken fingers cause the fast runs in this number and had to improvies case the BT was different then the Full Version he got from someone
True love Ways (24-06-11) Fred plays a Buddy Holly song. Peter and Gorden has done thiis number  in de sixties to
Theme from the Godfather (02-06-11) Fred played this beautifull melody which was original sung by Andy Williams. The titlle is "Thme from the Godfather"
Peace Pipe (02-05-11) For the first time Fred did his recording in a more professional recordingprogramm called "Cubase".
The Wild Theme (19-04-11) This time Fred is playing a number form Mark Knopfler
Smile (31-03-11) Jermaine Jackson sung this  beautifull number on the Memorial-service for his brother Michael 2 years ago. The song was written by Charlie Chaplin.
All i ask of you (16-03-11) This is Fred's contribution to a Australian CD
The power of love (28-02-11) This time Fred plays a beautifull number from  Jennifer Rush and he had his hands full on the timing in this number.
You only live twice (01-02-11) This time Fred playes the thema from the James Bond movie "You only live Twice"
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